Weekends in Paradelle

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I’m starting this blog because even though I already have several other blogs, some things just don’t belong there. I guess some people who have a blog put whatever interests them on the blog. I know bloggers who have a theme/mission for the blog.

I have a blog I try to write on every weekday called Serendipity35 that is about technology and learning. It’s my main blogging effort and it takes a good amount of time to do. Right now it’s getting close to a million hits a month.

I have another blog that supplements a website called Poets Online which offers a monthly opportunity to try your hand at writing a poem to a writing prompt. If you wish, you can also submit your poem for possible online publication. The Poets Online Blog offers a way to extend the site and some dialogue with the site’s participants. I usually post there only about once a week.

But I had things I wanted to write about that had nothing to do with poetry, technology, or education and learning. So, I started a third blog called Evenings in Paradelle to write about books, photography, music, and things that appeal to me. (that blog has been repurposed).

Serendipity35 uses an open-source blogging platform. The other two blogs use Google’s Blogger. I wanted to investigate how WordPress blogs work, so I opened an account. Without thinking it through, I called that one Paradelle too.

So, what do I do with this space?  My idea is that I will use this blog on weekends and that it will feature more of my weekend ideas. Weekends mean not school/work-related topics (I currently work at a college as the director of writing.). It means things that I do – or want to do – on weekends – work outside, garden, paint, draw, travel, relax, stare at the sky, think, walk, hike, visit friends…

I’ll write more tomorrow about why I chose “paradelle” but I’m really thinking of Paradelle as a place. A weekend retreat. Thanks for dropping by. I hope you’ll share your weekends with me there sometimes.

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A lifelong educator on and off the Internet. Random by design and predictably irrational. It's turtles all the way down. Dolce far niente.

5 thoughts on “Weekends in Paradelle”

  1. I was able to spend some more time perusing the site and I like the feel of it. Understanding how this blog came about gives it a warm weekend background. I look forward to reading more of it later. (Allen Burns on Facebook)


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