Cabanon interior

Cabanon interior

The Royal Institute of British Architects’ Le Corbusier – The Art of Architecture exhibit includes a  full scale model of Le Corbusier’s Cabanon. That is a micro cabin he built in Cap – Martin on the French Riviera in 1952.

He supposedly designed it in less than an hour. It is small – 16 square meteres (about 172 square feet).

The Cabanon was the only building Corbusier built for himself.

Corbusier was proud that “not a square cm of space was wasted.”  The interior was a laboratory for his ideas of buildings as machines for living, and it was also a place to spend summers. Summers on the Riviera are probably not exactly roughing it though.


Le Corbusier also built a “chapel of our lady of the height.” It is a pilgrimage chapel on a hill above the village of Ronchamp.

Much of the stone used in the Chapel of Nôtre Dame du Haut’s walls are from its predecessor that was destroyed during WWII.

Those walls are thick and curved walls and the concrete roof gives the chapel a sculptural form.

I discovered Corbusier on the Form & Forest blog.

Form & Forest cabins are great if your dream cabin is also contemporary design with prefab manufacturing techniques that allow you to build a cabin quicker.

They say that ” a cabin is a sanctuary. The cabin experience is about recreation, and restoration. It should restore, not diminish your sanity.” Makes sense to me.

Building less. For less money, less time, less waste, less stress on you and the environment.

The Ranger model has 1409 square feet on two floors