There is something about the moon. I have posted this year about every full moon and tried to explain the Native American names for each one and other European names for them too.

We are halfway through the year and the post on the “Wolf Moon” continues to be read/hit/found more than any other, but all the full moon posts find an audience. They are hardly my best posts, but they are popular.

crocusesMaybe it’s an indication that people are regaining some awareness for the signs in nature.

I know I am more attuned to the moon phases. Even more so, I pay attention to the signs from the budding, blooming and fruiting of plants and trees  and to the behaviors of insects and animals.

Part of that interest comes from being a gardener. Part of it also comes from writing, especially poetry. Haiku are especially good about making you pay attention to a blossom or activity that can identify the season.)