Snow Moon

The Full Moon coming on February 28, 2010 (16:40 GMT) is generally known as the Snow Moon. For both Native Americans and the colonists the typically cold, snowy weather of February was a difficult time in the northern climes and mountains.

Some Native Americans called this the Hunger Moon because the deep snow made hunting difficult and tribes (and animals) were depleting their winter stores. The Dakotah Sioux referred to this as the Moon of the Raccoon and the Moon When Trees Pop. Other names used by Native American tribes are Starving Moon, Storm Moon, Wind Moon, Moon of Wind Scattering Leafs Over the Snow Crust, and the Black Bear Moon.

Before coming to the new world, the medieval English called this the Storm Moon. The American colonists often referred to the February moon as the Trapper’s Moon.

In the Chinese full moon naming conventions, this is the Budding Moon.

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