This month’s full Moon occurs Saturday, June 26th. Last year, I wrote about the popular North American nickname for this month as the Strawberry Moon. The widespread harvesting of strawberries in June gives us that name.

Full Moon names vary by geographical locations and cultures. Europeans have dubbed it the Rose Moon, while other cultures named it the Hot Moon for the beginning of the summer heat.

The Full Moon of June being called the Rose Moon or the Flower Moon reflects more on the colonists to our continent who tended to use names taken from their garden calendar.

There are plenty of other names for this June moon: Green Corn, Thunder, Sturgeon Moon, Moon of Pairing Reindeer, Honey Moon, the neo-pagan Planting Moon, the Celtic Moon of Horses.

The Native American names include the Sioux name Moon When June Berries Are Ripe, the Choctaw’s Windy Moon, for the Cherokee Green Corn Moon. Each reflects a bit of their culture and location.

In China, June’s full moon is often called the Lotus Moon.