Every Wednesday this summer, workers across America will be taking a collective lunch break.

Well, that’s the plan.

Tony Schwartz (author & CEO of the Energy Project) talks about those ideas in his book The Way We’re Working Isn’t Working which I wrote about last weekend.

It’s all about our addiction to working, but one fairly easy part of Schwartz’ plan is to take back your lunch.

The average worker takes less than 20 minutes for lunch, and in many cases eats it mostly in front of a computer at their desk. I am very guilty of that. And I am trying, especially this summer, to break myself of the habit of a working lunch.

I was determined to leave my office to eat and bring along a book to read (I’m half way through the Stieg Larsson’s Millennium Trilogy.)  I have been guilty in the past of taking a work-related book or magazine to lunch. What was I thinking? Damned multitasking!  So, it’s out to the courtyard or a walk to the Great Falls for lunch this week.

His movement to Take Back Your Lunch is one of his simpler ideas about reclaiming something that is yours and that can actually help you work better.

To take part, you can sign up for a meetup near you, organize a lunch, and spread the word.

Great Falls, Paterson, NJ

Step away from your desk, turn off your phone (if you dare) and commit to a lunch hour of renewal, not work. (Actually, the college I work at has “summer hours” with Fridays off, so part of our makeup time is 30 minute lunches…)

Go to the park with friends, sit by a waterfall, work out, read a book, anything – just don’t work. You’ll feel re-energized and ready to conquer the afternoon.

Let’s change the way America works. Take Back Your Lunch.