I’m thinking about cabins again this weekend.

Here’s one that was built for only $2,000 by a couple who wanted a low-impact hideaway cabin in Florida and came up with this unusual diamond-shaped house.

I found it on MotherEarthNews.com.

The couple wanted a hideaway for a secluded piece of Florida property they owned.

People laughed at their design –  a box tipped over on its edge, with one point up, one point down and poles supporting the other two – comparing it to a birdhouse. But they built their little camp which they named  “The Thunderhouse” in the Florida woods.

They needed a place  off the ground to allow for occasional flooding. They wanted a good view of the herons, egrets, ibis and wood storks in the wetlands. They wanted to take advantage of breezes and keep their distance from the occasional snake, armadillo, wild boar, turkey, bobcat, skunk and raccoon.

With no electricity and  limited funds, it was designed to be built with mostly  2x4s with few cuts using only a miterbox and handsaw and assembly with a rechargeable 3/8″ cordless driver drill and stainless steel sheet metal screws driven with a 1/4″ driver through mending plates.