Once again, real life has prevented me from getting away from it – even virtually – and coming to Paradelle.

This time it was health problems that my elderly mom is having  that has me still making daily trips to the emergency room, then hospital, then rehabilitation center.

It’s strange that we refer to real life issues as a way to separate it from work life, school life, virtual life or whatever other Life you might have.

Of course, it’s ALL real life. But we seem to recognize that the “serious stuff” is different.

I try to write each week about my real life here, but once I put it on a web page, it begins to feel less real.

I was thinking about this today. I was recalling all the talk ten years ago about how the Internet was making people less social. People – especially kids – are staying inside and staring at screens.

Today, the discussion is about how the Web is making us more social – though we are still staring at screens on computers and mobile devices.

An article on the UK The Times site says:

The medium is the message, Marshall McLuhan famously said. And by changing the message we change ourselves. Never has this observation been so relevant as it is today, when many people spend their days at the computer, conducting friendships through Facebook and MySpace, posting videos on their websites, going into real society shielded by an iPod, or simply sending their avatar across the Grid in Second Life, looking for virtual relationships, virtual excitement and even virtual sex. Some welcome this, as a form of liberation. Shy people used to go trembling into society, hand in mouth; now they can go boldly into virtual society, hand on mouse.

I have an okay real social life and I have a lot of social connections online. So far, they don’t really overlap very much if I make the Venn diagram of all of it.  There are bits of my real life all over the posts on this blog (and others) but they are not overtly about me.

I’m hoping that real life gives me some space this weekend to escape to Paradelle and write again.