The Thai Elephant Orchestra is a musical ensemble consisting of as many as sixteen elephants near Lampang in Northern Thailand.

The elephants play music (“conducted improvisations”) on enormous and specially designed musical instruments.

I have a connection to elephants and I think they are very wise creatures. You might have seen videos of them painting. They appear to be one of the only animal species that mourns the death of its own kind. So, this additional musical movement is logical.

The orchestra was created and is conducted by elephant conservationist Richard Lair of the Thai Elephant Conservation Center and the American composer/performer Dave Soldier.  They have three recordings released on the Mulatta Records label with an orchestra ranging in size from 6 in the initial CD (2001) to fourteen elephants in the last, Water Music (2011).

If the sales of the music helps conserve the elephants’ habitat and protect greater numbers of them from poaching, then it makes more sense to buy their albums tha buying Lady Gaga CDs.

Just saying…