I find it interesting to look at the blog statistics behind this site and look at where visitors come from (geographically) and how they find the site.

It’s almost impossible for me to predict which posts will be popular.

It is not surprising that many people find the site via Google and Bing.  I do find it surprising what words and phrases people searched for that led them to a post on this site.  The word “compass” has brought  20,541 seekers of direction here. Of the many Moon posts I have done, the ones on the “wolf moon” have been most popular with almost 5,000 visitors searching for that.  (It’s more than 25,000 if you count all the other variations on moon like “winter moon”, “full moon”  etc.) The Moon and astronomical posts on things like the equinox account for another 5,000 visitors.

Some of the other most searched terms are: mt or mount fuji, (a photo of Mount Fuji is the most popular image and actually has more clicks than most essays!) film, 2012, hunab ku, strawberry, urban exploration,  wolf, radiometer, jersey devil, lotus eaters, easy rider, mindfulness, placebo and hara hachi bu. Of course, the “long tail” effect in blogging means that more than 100,000 readers came to the site after searching for something more unique like sundials, cabins, or the long tail.

The past year, an increasing number of people find the posts because of links on my Facebook page, or other blogs that I write on during the week.

I also discovered that people who click on links offered in a post tend to be ones interested in my cabin posting. Some of the most clicked links are:



The busiest day for visiting the blog the past few months was on June 21st when my post on the Spring Equinox 2011 had 2,278 views.