Power skates - like the ones you wore in 2000

It is the end of the year and that’s a time when we always see predictions of what is to be in the coming year, decade and beyond.

I came across an online arts magazine called Zouch. One of their features is “Art Shots” where they showcase contemporary visual art.  They ran a feature in their “Art Retro”  section that is illustrations from rare comic book-like images created in 1910 by obscure French artist Villemard. He was imagining the world of 2000.

I think that almost every prediction of our future world I have seen that looks further than ten years into the future ends up being way off. We never get it right. Luckily, for the predictors, people don’t usually check back on their accuracy.

1910 was a time of big scientific discoveries. In France, there was Pierre & Marie Curie and it was the Machine Age. So, it is no surprise that the illustrations (which were titled “Utopie – En L’an 2000” – Utopia – in the year 2000) are of a world full of Jules Verne machines.


School in 2000