Beatles Island

Readers of this blog know that I have a thing for islands.  If I won the lottery, I would definitely pack up and move Paradelle to an island that I could own. It sounds crazy, but rich people do it.

This isn’t a new obsession. I remember as a kid reading that Marlon Brando had bought Tetiaroa in the South Pacific back in 1965. It’s not just an island; it’s an entire atoll comprised of 13 “motus”, or islands. He was there to film Mutiny of the Bounty and didn’t leave until 1990 when his health required more conventional lodgings. It has been sold to a hotelier and it will be turned into a luxury “eco-resort.”

For now, I have to settle for armchair island hopping via reading Private Islands magazine and checking out the map of islands of the famous.

Johhny Depp, for example, bought a 45-acre place in the Bahamas for $3.6 million, so that he could vanish off the radar with family and friends.  Country music couple Tim McGraw and Faith Hill also own a 17 acre island in the Bahamas. Just big enough without being too much to clean.

And Nicolas Cage has a 40-acre island there which was on the market for $3 million. That doesn’t sound like all that much money for an island. (He also has a a home on Paradise Island in the Bahamas, which is nice, but not the same thing, as far as I am concerned.)

The Bahamas seems to be the area. Must have some tax advantages too. Eddie Murphy bought a place back in 2007. Long Cay, also known as Rooster Cay, cost $15 million for 15.4-acres near near Nassau.

Magician David Copperfield has several privately-owned islands called Musha Cay in the southern Bahamas.

Moving away from he Bahamas, Leonardo DiCaprio owns an island off the coast of Belize that is a sprawling 104-acres.

Mel's island

Mel Gibson owns Mago Island in Fiji. The 8.4-square-mile island cost him $15 million in 2005.  It is one of the largest privately-owned islands in the South Pacific, spanning across about 5,400 acres.

And if tropical islands of sand and sun aren’t your thing, you can follow in the footprints of two singer.

Back in the 1967, John Lennon bought a secluded, peaceful island in Ireland’s rustic Clew Bay for just £1,700. It is a 19-acre Dorinish Island which is was going to use as a holiday retreat. But that didn’t happen and it fell into disuse, had some hippie squatters, and then after John’s death in 1980, the island was sold. Yoko Ono sold it for £30,000 and donated the money to an Irish children’s charity. So, it’s back to being grazing land for sheep and cattle, and the site of occassional pilgrimages from Beatles fans.

Celine Dion owns an island located on the Riviere des Mille Iles in her home province of Quebec, Canada. But then you’ll have tourists riding by to take pictures of your towering French-style chateau. So annoying.

I bought my lottery tickets today. So, back to my browsing. Let’s see what is for sale. That 100 foot waterfall in Chile is a nice amenity…