I’m feeling nomadic. Nomadic people don’t stay in one place for long.

Today I wandered a small woods nearby.  I can’t get lost there, but getting lost is sometimes a good thing to do if it’s intentional. Lately, I feel unintentionally lost. Not so good.

I did some searching online. I am nomadic online. I don’t like the term “surfing” anymore.  I like surfing – on water – but surfing the Net implies a surface skimming and aimlessly. I search online pretty purposely. I am looking to find a place.

I found some Mongolian nomads. They live in gers (pronounced GAIR – American’s know them better by the Russian name, yurt). It’s not that they are homeless at all. But it’s a home that is fast and easy to assemble and disassemble. The family puts up the ger. It’s not a solo thing.

This video I found is a ger alongside Lake Hovsgol, in northern Mongolia, not far from the Russian border. The sound track of this video is music recorded at the Choijin Lama Temple Museum in Ulaanbator, the Mongolian capital. Throat singing. Very foreign to us.  (Some more of it, if you’re curious. Curious is a good start to knowing.)

Seems rather appealing to carry your home on your back.

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One thought on “Nomadic”

  1. Great postand sound track always wanted to have a yurt the closes I came was a wiciup that built and lived in for two years when I went to college, skeliton can be seen on my blog.


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