This blog was started as a companion to an earlier blog called Evenings in Paradelle where I posted thoughts that came to me after work and unrelated to my working life. I started this Weekends version as a place to post longer and what I think of as more thoughtful pieces. I knew I would only have time to write a few of those each week, so the weekend seemed to be the right place. Maybe you also have more time to read online on the weekend.

Paradelle has become for me my place of escape – a refuge, a sanctuary.  Though it sprung from the mind of Billy Collins as a kind of prank of poetry, other poets (including myself) have taken it seriously.

Paradelle may have been parody + villanelle to Billy, but it has become paradise + -elle to me. I think of that little -elle in the same way that we use suffixes like -ord, -fort, -burgh etc. to create names of towns. Paradelle is an ideal place to go on the weekend.

But I have been ignoring Evenings lately. Literally. I have had a lot to do at night – some of it still “work.” And I haven’t written much on that blog. So, I think I am going to use this online space a bit more for some of those smaller thoughts.

For example, I was writing several series of posts on Evenings about things that I enjoy listening to (mostly not music & mostly online) and a series on haiku and koans. They actually seem appropriate to Paradelle weekends. I am going to use (and reuse) some of those ideas here. They seem to fit in with the ambiance around a Paradelle weekend. These shorter thoughts might be good as Friday night posts – that start of the weekend that is only six hours long.

We love our weekends and most of you probably won’t object to extending it a bit further into the week.