Just looking at the analytics for this blog – how many visitors to Paradelle, at what times, via what search or website etc. – but the one I like to look at (and wonder about) is where visitors come from by country.

Here are the places (outside the United States) that people visiting this blog came from the past few days.

The stats don’t tell me anything about these people, other than what term they searched to find me (see below), so I would be interested in any of you who are far from Paradelle’s American shores to comment.

It’s an eclectic group who searched Google or Bing (usually) for something and found Paradelle. Maybe they were happy they found it. Maybe they were disappointed. Maybe they stayed and visited for a bit. Maybe they have returned. Maybe they clicked away as soon as possible.

I love looking at what they were seeking: mount fuji, fat wallet syndrome, fifty shades, comic pictures, sun, moon, postcards, uses of barks of trees by paleolithic man, chris set out to return to civilization, greasy, decorated eggs, technological breakthroughs since 1910, faces of moon, mindfulness, waves, celtic fairy tales for summer solstice, bonfires, henry ford utopian community, sad photos, rose moon, chairs on beach, columbus day, happiness buddha, native americans, zen buddhist, symbol for mindfulness, fritz the cat, looking into night sky, letters to juliet, october moon, shark new jersey, sadness, wolves, full moons, cold moon in zen, druids at stonehenge, love story, corbusier cabin, urban ruins, mead moon, chinese legends and the red thread of life.

And that’s just the top of the list recently. And yes, all of those things are here, in some large or small way.

So, hello world. Leave a little message about you and your part of this big blue marble we call Earth.