There are two time-traveling projects on my fall calendar. Earlier, I wrote a post about the television program Fringe which will have its final season starting in September. Another story due in September on the big screen is Looper and both deal with time travel.

Looper is a science fiction film directed by Rian Johnson with a time travel plot that stars Joseph Gordon-Levitt Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Bruce Willis, and Emily Blunt. Gordon-Levitt and Johnson previously teamed up on an interesting 2006 “neo-film noir film called Brick.

Besides being about the technology for the time-travel machine itself, it’s also about corporate abuse of time travel and seems to have a film noir feel to the story too.

Set in the future, Joseph Simmons (Gordon-Levitt) works as a “looper”who kills and disposes of people who are sent back in time by their employers (known as “Gat Men”) for that purpose.  One day the target who arrives he recognizes as the 55 year-old version (played by Willis) of himself. He hesitates and his older self escapes. Now both versions of Joe are being pursued.

After three days of what is becoming a new trend in Hollywood advertising – trailers for a trailer – unveiled the first official teaser for time travel movie “Looper.” The action flick stars Joseph Gordon-Levitt and is directed and written by Rian Johnson, who introduced the film in three vignettes that counted down to Thursday’s preview release.

The film does some time-jumping, plays with paradoxes and is more of a thriller sci-fi. That’s why some have compared it with Willis’ 1995 time travel movie 12 Monkeys. Gordon-Levitt said the new film is “sort of a down-to-earth Blade Runner… it feels real. It’s that style of sci-fi that could actually exist in 30 years.”  If the new film gets close to being like both of those films, it should be a great ride.