The first full moon of this month is on Thursday, August 2nd. This moon is most frequently called the Sturgeon Moon, Corn Moon, or Green Corn Moon. But there is no lack of names for this month’s moon: Barley moon, Dog Day’s Moon, Mating Moon, Grain Moon, Dog’s Day Moon, Woodcutter’s Moon, Chokeberry Moon, Summertime Moon,  Dispute Moon, Weodmonath (Vegetation Month), Harvest Moon.

The Dakotah Sioux call this the Moon When All Things Ripen and the  Cherokee people call it the Fruit Moon, Ga’loni, when the foods of the trees and bushes are gathered at this time. The various “Paint Clans” begin to gather many of the herbs used for medicines and the  “Wild Potato Clans” harvest foods growing along the streams, marshes, lakes and ponds.

North American fishing tribes called this the Sturgeon Moon because that species of fish was abundant during this month.

August was originally called Sextilis by the Romans and was was later renamed Augustus in honor of Augustus Caesar.

I said it was the first full moon of the month because there will be a second “blue moon” on the 31st. More about that later this month.

Lunasa or Lughnassadh is a Celtic feast of the harvest and new grain for bread held on the full moon. In Old English this became Lammas, or “Loaf Mass.” In some English-speaking countries in the Northern Hemisphere, the Lammas Day festival of the wheat harvest is the first harvest festival of the year. On this day it was customary to bring to church a loaf made from the new crop, which began to be harvested at Lammastide. The loaf was blessed, and in Anglo-Saxon England it was considered to be magical. A book of Anglo-Saxon charms directed that the lammas bread be broken into four bits, which were to be placed at the four corners of the barn, to protect the grain. In the Anglo-Saxon Chronicle, it is called “the feast of first fruits”.

Culendom is the eleventh month for Druids and this moon is the Harvest Moon, a time of reaping and fruition. The first day of Culendom is the day of the full moon. Culendom (the month) is from the Harvest Moon to the next full moon which is known as the Moon of Claiming.