Have you ever been solunar fishing?  It means fishing based on the rising, setting and phases of the moon.

All fisherman know that the best fishing times are when the fish are feeding which is usually at dawn and dusk. Solunar anglers also pay attention to two other times – moonrise and moonset – and to the phases of the moon.

The Moon seems to have an effect on fish and what they feed upon. Along with the phases, it affects their feeding.

Fishing when sunrise/sunset and moonrise/moonset coincide with new or full moon phases, is the simple explanation of this approach. Fish should be most active 45 minutes before and after these four daily points.

Angler and hunter know that fish and game are most active at sunrise and sunset, but activity near moonrise and moonset is not as obvious because the change in light is not noticeable.

The day of a new or full moon gives the strongest influence in each month.  So, when you are fishing (or hunting) in that period surrounding sunrise or sunset you can anticipate good action. If there is also a moonrise or moonset during that period,  your chances increase. And, if it is a Full or New Moon, it should be the best time of the season.

Of course, anglers usually have more freedom to fish at almost any time of the year, while hunters are limited by the hunting seasons.

You can check any one of a number of solunar calendars to find the best days and times.

For today, 10/7/2012, the Sun Data = Rise: 7:00 AM (all times are EST) and set at 6:28 PM.  Day Length is 11 hrs. 28 minutes. The Moon will rise at 11:36 PM and set at  1:37 PM. It will be overhead at  6:11 AM and “underfoot” at 6:36 PM. The Moon phase is 56% waning gibbous. That makes the major times to fish 6:11 AM – 8:11 AM and 6:36 PM – 8:36 PM. However, today is only an average day of hunting or fishing.

However, 10/15/2012 when the Moon Rise is 7:17 AM and Set is 6:12 PM and it is a New Moon, you have a “best” day and your “major times” are  12:21 AM – 2:21 AM and 12:49 PM – 2:49 PM.

A bit complicated, but there are charts online. And there are apps for your phone.

Have you tried solunar fishing or hunting? Is there validity to it, or is it more “Moon lore?”