Designed by Frank Lloyd Wright in 1934, Fallingwater house is one of the most famous residential homes in the world.

It is always used as an example of Wright’s organic architectural style – a merging of man with his surrounding landscape.

It is located in rural southwestern Pennsylvania, built partly over a waterfall in Bear Run in the Mill Run section of Stewart Township.

Fallingwater’s structural system includes a series of bold reinforced concrete cantilevered balconies. But the home has proven to be less than sturdy ever since it was built. A recent study showed that the original structural design and plan preparation had been rushed and as originally designed by Wright, the cantilevers would not have held their own weight.

Despite repairs in 2002 and continuing mold problems, the home is a very cool piece of architectural imagining.

You can buy a highly-detailed Lego Architecture Series Frank Lloyd Wright’s Fallingwater that is part of a series that includes his Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum.


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