I wrote an earlier post about the signs in autumn indicating what kind of winter we might see coming.  So, let us check in on the signs – at least here in Paradelle.

Full Moon in October without frost, then no frost ‘until November’s Full Moon.  We had no frost by the October Moon, but we did have frost before the November Moon – so that one didn’t hold true.

Flowers bloomin’ in late Autumn,  a sure sign of a bad Winter comin’ Our flowers got cold zapped around mid-November, so that points at a milder winter.

And the same would hold for  A warm November is the sign of a bad Winter though our November was not very cold, I wouldn’t call it warm. Plus, Hurricane Sandy came through Paradelle followed by a nor’easter that brought snow. Another snowstorm came through this past week. This wintry November means a mild winter.

As high as the weeds grow, so will the bank of snow.  Can’t tell about this one yet, but that would give a foot of snow

Thunder in the Fall foretells a cold Winter.  No thunder. Mild winter.

It’s too early to know on about these two predictors, so we’ll check back in at the end of the year to see if it’s true that: a green Christmas means a white Easter, and if there’s thunder during Christmas week, the Winter will be anything but meek.

Signs point to a mild winter in Paradelle this year. I’m fine with that.