Niijima (NASA)

Niijima (NASA)

The Earth is still changing geologically, even though we commonly think of all those changes as something from the distant past.  Mountains and oceans are being created and destroyed and almost nothing is permanent.  Our little human lifespan is short enough to not take notice.

So, it’s nice to have an occasional reminder – like when a volcano creates a new island.

Just a few days before our Thanksgiving, an eruption began in the Pacific Ocean about 600 miles south of Tokyo. In the weeks that followed, an island has formed.

People are calling the new land mass Niijima. It has an area of about 14 acres and it continues to grow.

Newly formed islands don’t only survive. They can quickly erode or the sea floor sinks under the weight of them and they go below the surface of the water. But, so far, Niijima is remaining an island as a reminder that life is change.

I hope Google doesn’t buy it.