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Radiolab is a terrific program about curiosity.  They say they are “where sound illuminates ideas, and the boundaries blur between science, philosophy, and human experience” and that is pretty accurate. I have been listening to it for quite awhile and with podcasts it is easy to control your listening. (Also easy to fall behind – I have a backlog of episodes.)

The show has two hosts. Robert Krulwich I knew from public radio but he has also done TV work (ABC’s Nightline and World News Tonight) and explains complex subjects in science, technology, economics etc. in ways that are entertaining and understandable to those of who are not in those fields.

Jad Abumrad has science and medicine in his blood by birth but studied creative writing and music composition and wrote music for films. He was also a reporter and produced documentaries for local and national public radio programs (On the Media, PRI’s Studio 360, Morning Edition, and All Things Considered – all programs that I also listen to).

Radiolab can be heard around the U.S.  on over 300 stations (Check your local station for airtimes) but it is also online and available to the world.

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