Another radio program I listen to (as a podcast) every week is To the Best of Our Knowledge.  

TTBOOK, as it is also known, is a nationally-syndicated radio show that almost defies my ability to define it because its topics are the entire world of ideas, as big as the biggest themes of science and literature.

Novelists and poets, scientists and software designers, theologians and physicists, composers and filmmakers, historians, naturalists, journalists all speak about how we shape culture and how we are changed in our thinking or re-thinking of the world.

This is conversation at its best. A gathering of guests that you have never met before but are very welcoming. You make connections, you get new ideas, you make plans, your imagination sparks. For an hour or two, your brain gets to attend a party. Sometimes I just eat and digest. Sometimes I join in the conversation. I have invited friends. Sometimes I get drunk and get ideas that are a bit crazy.

The mix of  interviews can delight and surprise your imagination’s palate. Sometimes the pairings seem mismatched. One host at this party likes to serve up science with religion.

The archive is full of interviews for you to explore, listen and share. Remix your own shows from the segments offered of individual interviews. It is the best of our knowledge.