I have always loved listening to the radio. I grew up on radio. I know it’s not as popular today. Then again, either is TV, which was supposed to be what would kill off  radio. Turns out that the Internet did a job on both of them.

Like a lot of people, I time-shift my TV viewing and my radio listening these days.  I download as podcasts most of the radio that I really enjoy and listen when I have the time. I also use a free service called Stitcher Smart Radio.

Stitcher is a leading mobile audio company that provides a revolutionary media service which allows audio content to be easily aggregated, organized and shared on mobile devices. We feature the most up-to-date and relevant content in business, sports, politics, entertainment, and current events from the media industry’s premier content providers.

I listen on my iPhone and iPad to a number of programs that I used to download by just streaming them. I would advise you to listen while on a WiFi connection and not to use your data plan. That’s still the advantage of downloading podcasts – you don’t need to be online. Podcasts still work great on airline flights, on my iPod and in other situations where you don’t have a connection. But Stitcher has given me many hours of programming free and turned me on to shows I would never have searched for through its recommendations.