One last check on those winter and spring predictions we reported on last fall…

The foolish groundhog said it would be an early spring and we got snow immediately after that, but spring in Paradelle has been relatively normal – not ahead of behind some o f the odder years in the past few decades. I enjoy a true s[ring – green and cool without oddball summer days in the 90s.

It was too early on the last weather post December to know if these two weather predictors had any validity:

A green Christmas means a white Easter.  In Paradelle, we had snow (though not much) for Christmas, and Easter was, in not very green, certainly not white. Easter was early this year and because it varies year to year, it a poor weather indicator.

If there’s thunder during Christmas week, the Winter will be anything but meek. No thunder here for Christmas week and I would rate our winter as just a bit on the cold side, but hardly a bad one. It was rather dry when it comes to any precipitation and that dry pattern, unfortunately, is still true for parts of the U.S. that have been in drought alerts for more than 5 years.