SupermeHave you thought about what super power you would want to have? Doesn’t everyone do that at some point?

I read a lot of comic books as a kid. As a superhero, all I would have wanted was to be able to fly. Batman plus flying would have been even better. No “super powers” required.

In my teen years, I would have gone with invisibility for all the psychological and male hormonal reasons you would imagine.

As an adult, I have often wished that I had the ability to speak and understand all languages and be able to know what language someone spoke just by looking at them. I’m not sure what that superhero might be called – Captain Negotiator or Babel?

There was a website called The Hero Factory (it seems to be gone now) that had a slick superhero-creator where you could build a superhero (male or female) choosing body parts, clothing, weapons and some special abilities. Then you could put it on a comic book cover.

I built my superself. Standard boots, tights, underwear on the outside, belt and cape, muscles, but no weapon but a branch-like wand.

Unfortunately, you couldn’t name the comic or character. I really wouldn’t want to be Sgt. Splintery Splinter. I chose the R emblem to just be Ronk or SuperRonk.

Superme Cover