Marty in Hill Valley 1955

I thought I was a big fan of the Back to the Future film franchise, but I never considered building the Hill Valley town that is the home of the McFly family. But a group called Secret Cinema did.

They are building a full-scale version of Hill Valley in a secret London location. The word is that you’ll be able to visit Hill Valley in its 1955 and 1985 versions. There might even be a portal to view the 2015 future version too.

Who are these Secret Cinema folks? It’s a British company that creates immersive, interactive versions of modern classics films. They screened One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest in a hospital. They did Blade Runner in a London warehouse turned Blade Runner’s Los Angeles 2019.

Unfortunately, it’s going to be across an ocean.

Well, if I do venture over to the UK to visit Hill Valley, California, then I might as well also visit The Village.  That is another place I would like to step into the screen version. The Village is from the classic TV series The Prisoner. That series was filmed at the grounds of Clough Williams-Ellis’ Italianate Hotel Portmeirion, a resort near Penrhyndeudraeth in North Wales.