SPACE-TIME CONTINUUM The U.F.O.-logist George Van Tassel, in a photograph for Life magazine in 1962, outside the Integratron, where he hosted annual spacecraft summits.

Welcome to the Integratron” is a piece written by Jody Rosen on a location that is seen as a place of spiritual healing and musical sound baths in the Mojave desert in California. It was designed by an alien. Maybe.

Thousands of people visit the Integratron  because of  how the place sounds. Some consider it to be “an acoustically perfect” space, a “resonant tabernacle.”

This curvilinear dome is built from woods that act as natural amplifiers.

The “sound baths” occur while visitors lie on mats while and let the tones from striking quartz-crystal singing bowls wash over them in what is claimed is a kind of “sonic healing.”

It sounds new age – but aliens?

Giant Rock, Landers, California

Back in 1953, George Van Tassel, a former aviation engineer, claimed he was awakened by an alien. George was a good new age candidate. He moved to the desert to be near Giant Rock.

Giant Rock is a large freestanding boulder that covers 5,800 square feet  of ground and is seven stories high. Giant Rock is purported to be the largest free-standing boulder in the world. Native Americans of the Joshua Tree, California, area consider it to be sacred. In the 1950s it was a gathering point for UFO believers.

George would sit in the shadow of the rock for hours to commune with the spirits of American Indians. But the visitor he had on that August 1953 night was a Venusian, according to Van Tassel. He was captain of a Venusian scout ship. He looked, dressed and spoke English like anyone else.  George said his name was Solganda and he was 700 years old. He took George to his spacecraft. He told him that Earthlings were building too many buildings using steel and other metals and they were disrupting interplanetary “thought transfers.”

George built Intrgratron according to Solganda’s instructions. He held annual Spacecraft Conventions there that attracted UFO contactees and explorers in the fields of anti-gravity and primary energy research and weekly meditations in the rooms under the rock.

Although Van Tassel said Solganda also gave him the secret could help us build a device that would generate electrostatic energy to suspend the laws of gravity, extend human life and facilitate high-speed time travel, we have no evidence anything was done with the secret. That seems odd. Van Tassel died in 1978.