My friend, Maria, told me recently that, “There was a bumper crop of acorns this year. My mother always said that means we will have a bad winter.”

That’s another old weather proverb. My mother would say that if leaves hang on in the autumn and are slow to fall, you should prepare for a cold winter. The little scientist in me wondered if it wasn’t just because the fall was gentle and we didn’t have the wind or rain that shakes the leaves loose from branches.

frosty pumpkins

Frost on your pumpkins might mean that
the October full Moon was also frosty.

Several bits of weather lore look to October weather to predict the winter to come.

Much rain in October, means much wind in December.

A warm October, means a cold February.

A Full Moon in October without any frost, means a warmer month ahead. There was no frost in Paradelle on the Full Moon this year and that means I should expect no frost until November’s Full Moon which comes on the sixth this year.

Do keep in mind with all weather lore, that your local observations are an indication of the local weather ahead and not about the country or the world.

More generally, weather lore tells us that thunder in the fall is supposed to foretell a cold winter ahead.

And looking to the upcoming weeks before the Winter Solstice, look for flowers blooming in late autumn. That pleasant surprise is supposed to be a sure sign of a rough winter to follow, as is any warm November.