Out of Office

An “online friend” sent me some info as a followup to my post on trying to separate work and play.  It’s not exactly about separating the two, but about being more efficient at the work part in order to have more of the play time.

It sounds quite scientific. He says I should think about using “stochastic resonance.” The theory is that a weak signal – something you’re distractedly working on – becomes easier to detect if you add white noise into the background. In other words, you can better focus and keep a train of thought on the tracks with a bit of random background activity. (There is actual research on stochastic resonance.)

It doesn’t seem to mean listening to music on headphones while you work, but more like that random background noise in a café. A background of silence doesn’t help focus.

My friend got this bit from the book Out of Office by Chris Ward which is about  being more productive and creative in your working life – and that includes working out of the office in places like coffee shops.

It was $1.99 for Kindle so I’ll  give it a try this weekend.

I suppose I should head to a café to read it.

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