black moon

A Romantic view of a Black Moon.

There is a  New Moon today and it is the closest (as in perigee which occurs 7.6 hours after the full part) New Moon of the year. That means that it can be considered a “supermoon. ” But it can also be considered a Black Moon which is a term we don’t hear as often. It sounds like something from the world of pagans and witchcraft.

A Black Moon is a seasonal name applied to the third of four new moons in the current season. What can you expect to see in the sky?  I’m sorry to say almost nothing. Though it might be artistically or Romantically portrayed as a literal black moon, that’s not the true view.

When a Full Moon supermoon is out all night, it looks brighter than your average full moon. Unfortunately for viewing purposes, a New Moon supermoon is only out during the daytime hours and so is hidden by the sunlight.

But now YOU know that it’s there today. Take a look up in the sky and say hello anyway. The Moon gets lonely too.