cabin in winter

All this snow and cold weather has me home and indoors more than usual. Not a bad thing to skip out on work and errands. It’s great doing nothing for a few days. Kind of like being in standby mode. Not shut down; not hibernate.

I probably have spent too much time on the computer this week. I watched a few movies and caught up on DVR shows. I tried to get up to date on reading – magazines (yes, I still subscribe), a novel, some poetry).

I ate too much and didn’t exercise enough. I didn’t walk as much as I wanted to. I only got out once to the woods.  I wanted to draw and paint again. I wanted to do some photography.

But I didn’t.

Some crap going on in my life lately that has also made me avoid people.

You can attribute some of this to “winter blues.”  Some people call it “cabin fever.”  Winter is prime time for sadness and for SAD, which I seem to write about and slip into every year.

Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) is a mood disorder in which people who have “normal” mental health throughout most of the year, seem to experience depressive symptoms in the winter.


I think I need to get outside. I need more sunlight. I need to walk. I need to feed the cold.

Then I’m coming home, making some strong tea. I’m going to create something. Drawing, painting, or poem.

What the beast of depression tells you to do – stay home, avoid people, eat junk food, drink alcohol, take drugs, smoke and sleep excessively – is what you must not do.

You have to force yourself to do the opposite, and if you do, it will get easier.