Sunrise, Moonrise

new moon smallToday, May 18, is the day of the New Moon. Some people think of this as the Dark Moon or “No Moon.”

In one of the many celestial plays of motion and opposites, this is when the Moon transitions from the morning to the evening sky. Today, and at this point every month, the Sun and Moon lie on the same side of Earth in space.

The Moon rises with the Sun at sunrise and then crosses the sky with the Sun during the daytime and sets with the Sun at sunset. The New Moon follows the Sun.

For perspective, at the Full Moon, the sun and moon lie on opposite sides of Earth and the Moon will then rise around sunset, cross the sky during the night and set around sunrise.

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Ken Ronkowitz

Random by design. Predictably irrational. It's turtles all the way down. Dolce far niente. A lifelong educator.

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