Some of you might be surprised to see the Moon out this morning or for the next few days. It’s not a rare thing but because we so strongly associate the Moon with nighttime, it always seems to surprise some people.

Sometimes this view is called the Children’s Moon because it is one time young children who go to bed too early to see the Moon at night can still see it in the sky. If you want to explain it to a child (okay, so maybe it’s an adult), here is some information.

Pretty much anywhere on the planet now looking generally westward after sunrise with a clear blue daytime sky, you can spot the Moon. We just had the Full Moon 3 days ago, so it’s now in a waning gibbous phase and it “rises” after nightfall and “sets” to the west after sunrise, so you see it in the morning sky. It will be climbing higher and higher into the sky each day for the next week.

When the Moon moves into its last quarter phase in four days, it will rise at midnight and set southward around dawn. By the time we reach the New Moon on the 16th, it will moving across the sky with the sun and so not visible in our sky.

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