secondsWe had a leap second tonight. It was the Y2K of the year. At 7:59:59 p.m. ET tonight an extra second was added officially so that we could sync up our devices with the Earth’s slowing rotation.

There was some fear that this 61-second minute might do some bad things and make computer systems go haywire. Websites crashing, financial market software going crazy…

It has happened before. We had a leap second in 2012 and a bunch of big sites did go down – Reddit, Yelp, LinkedIn, FourSquare, Gawker, StumbleUpon and Qantas airlines.

But we learned lessons. Google came up with a solution after a 2005 leap second screwed up some of its systems: gradually add a couple of milliseconds to servers’ clocks throughout the day when a leap second is to occur.

Reports of crashes could still appear, but my quick scan of news sites didn’t show anything.

How did you spend your extra second tonight?