virgoI see that today we enter Virgo, sixth sign of the zodiac. Virgo is represented by the Virgin. Not to be taken literally for those under that sign, though they are supposed to be modest. Also exacting, servers of humanity, a bit repressed, maybe picky and critical, also industrious, methodical and efficient with a strong sense of duty. My sister is a Virgo and she is none of those things.

I have written a few times about the zodiac both as it relates to the stars and to astrology. I think everyone has a passing knowledge of astrology or at least horoscopes. I was born on October 20 and so I am a Libra (or a Libran?). Until I read that I might be a Virgo because an astronomer claims that a shift in the Earth’s alignment has changed zodiac dates and added a 13th Zodiac sign.


An astrological chart for those babies born January 1, 2000 at 12:01:00 A.M. in New York City,

I had a girlfriend in college who was really into astrology. She dismissed my doubts by saying that the horoscopes we see in newspapers and magazine are garbage because they are for an entire sign. She did a natal chart for me. It was a very pretty map of the universe with me at the center. A nice ego stroke to be there.

She calculated for the exact time and location of the my birth. This was no broad Libra chart. This was just for me. (And I suppose for anyone else born that day, at that time, at 40.7242° N, 74.1726° W on the planet.)

I don’t have the chart. I wish I did. It was quite a work of art. It showed the positions of the sun, moon, planets, and a few other celestial objects. There was a comet in there, as I recall.

There were signs that were rising, setting, culminating up and culminating down. I have an ascendant/rising sign and a descendant one. There were angles and degrees so that she could map the positions of my twelve houses. I had hoped one might be “The House of the Rising Sun,” the first song I learned on the guitar.

She told me things about myself that were quite accurate. Of course, she knew me fairly well at that point, so I was still skeptical.  I have forgotten all of it.

She got my attention. She would later pretty solidly convince me that I had an experience where a previous life had broken through to this one. Very strange.

I still will come upon my horoscope and read it.  It said recently that the Moon in flowing aspect to Jupiter will keep me in an amiable humor. That’s nice.  Today, with Mercury tucked out of sight in one of my emotional houses, my feelings might be clouding my judgment. Explain that to my wife, who failed today to succumb to my amiable humor.

And tomorrow’s prediction? From one website:  “It should be a bright, breezy and bouncy day. You`re looking for things that get you away from the ordinary, that aren’t going to tie you into boring ruts and routines. Just don’t let emotional whims send you off spending too much on the spur of the moment. Certainly you want more beautiful things around you. Maybe you are trying to compensate just a touch for a lack you feel elsewhere.”