I see on my dashboard that Weekends in Paradelle  has moved past the 1,000 posts mark this past weekend. I try to write a few things every weekend here, and I’ve been doing this particular blog (Is that what it is? I’m not sure. I think of many of these as essays.) since the summer of 2008.

giphyIt started out as being observations about what I was thinking about, or about writing, occasionally it is about things I am doing (or would like to do), a few excursions into health, and even what I am listening to.  The last year or so, many of my observations (perhaps too many for some of you) have been less Earthbound and more about looking up to the heavens to celestial observations, like my monthly posts about the Full Moons. I still like to write about what I am reading, and about things I am looking at virtually or otherwise.

If I miss a weekend post or just write a quick one, it may be because I was busy with one of the other sites I have (perhaps foolishly) continued to write on.

keyboardingEndangered New Jersey is my blog that focuses on the parts of New Jersey that are threatened or endangered. This includes fish and wildlife species, but also natural spaces, historic preservation and the environment of our densely populated and wildly diverse state. This blog grew out of my thirty years of volunteer work for the NJ Division of Fish & Wildlife.

Serendipity35 was where I started blogging in 2006 and it still gets the highest number of readers every month. It has my thoughts about learning and technology and the places where they intersect..

giphy2As part of my own life in poetry, I blog about poetry at Poets Online which is a companion blog to the PoetsOnline.org site that I have been doing since 1998. It has many writing prompts and many more poems that have been submitted to those prompts that hopefully inspire further writing.

In 2014, I did a daily poem project called Writing the Day that has the 365 poems from that year that were all written in the ronka poetry form. Since then, I continue writing ronkas there, but without the metronome clicking a daily beat.

And I also make an occasional post based on my personal fascination with the etymology of words and the origins of names on a site I call Why Name It That? which looks at the origins of the names of people, products, teams, words, phrases. The most popular category is the names of rock bands.

jerry-lewis-typingMore than a thousand posts here, and I have no idea how many if you total up all these sites.

Too many online posts.

It really does eat away at my writing of more “serious” things, like an actual manuscript to be published in the old-fashioned paper manner – but this online habit is a tough one to kick.

And I guess it also eats away at free time, time with my wife, travel, gardening, walking…