Back in March, I was convinced that I hated winter. I didn’t think I could do another winter in the Northeast. Then spring arrived, and summer, and autumn, and I became complacent. But it’s getting colder and the solstice is approaching, so I am thinking about winter again.

I love autumn. I wish it was autumn all year. Some people might say that an “eternal spring” would be the same thing. I disagree. Spring can be nice, but it teases you with a warm day and then back to cold, and then some surprise snowfall. And the ground is wet and muddy.

I read about a meteorologist named Brian Brettschneider who actually mapped a route across the country so that you spend the year in daily high temperatures of 70 degrees. I suppose it might be nice to travel the country once and follow the nice weather like a crazy migratory bird. Glacier National Park, to Yellowstone National Park, Grand Teton National Park, then turning southeast through Wyoming, and a few months traversing the Colorado high country ending up near Durango…

That might be a bit much. I’m not a big fan of driving anyway.

I have come to the realization that it’s not winter I dislike. It’s snow. If the temperature was 30-40 degrees every day for a few month, I’d be fine with that. I would even enjoy a few really cold days and nights as a change of pace. I can tolerate a bit of snow. An inch or two for Christmas Eve is nice, as long as it melts within 72 hours.

But what we get around here are snowfalls that linger for weeks and get gray and darker from pollution and car exhausts. The snow melts and then freezes and melts and freezes. It’s depressing. I believe it is a factor leading to SAD.

I suppose what I need to find is a place that has all my requirements without having to drive more than 25 miles. Let me know if you have some good candidates.