full moon

The last Full Moon of 2015 will occur in Paradelle on Christmas morning at 6:11 am ET.  Often called the Long Night Moon or Cold Moon, you’ll probably see a pretty full Moon starting around sunset tonight.

This Full Moon comes early on Christmas morning for those of us in North America – the first time that has happened since 1977. The true Full Moon varies by time zone, but around the world tonight and tomorrow night will have plenty of moonlight.

The odds are that any lunar phase, including a Full Moon, will occur twice on any particular calendar date in a 59-year period. The last Christmas Eve full moon occurred here in 1996 and before that in 1950, 1931 and 1882 and the next one is in 2102. There will be some Christmas Eve full moons in the Eastern Hemisphere before that in 2026, 2045 and 2083 based on UTC (Universal time), but that might not work out for your time zone.

I expect to see some photos of Full Moons with Santa’s sleigh crossing in front of it.