As this past July closed, Weekends in Paradelle closed out its ninth year online. An achievement of sorts. Since 2008, I have written more than 1300 posts here. That can either be viewed as impressive output, or a lot of time spent on something that I am not compensated for doing.

“So where is this Paradelle place?” asked a friend tonight as we sat with our drink looking at the New Moon.

“Mostly in here,” I replied, pointing to my head.

“But you often refer to New Jersey,” she said.

“Well, my body is there most of the time. But it doesn’t take a lot to get away to Paradelle, so I try to get away every weekend.”

“There’s also the allusion to poetry, right?” she asked, though she knew the answer was Yes. (see this post from 2008)

“Yeah, but I don’t think there is a real solid connection. I just liked the word and I like the suffix from French where it originally formed diminutives. After all, Paradelle is a little place on this enormous World Wide Web.”

So, now I’ll get back to writing and closing out this online decade. You come too.