Sadness is part of healing. If you’re dealing with illness, a relationship ending or the death of someone you love, sadness is part of the healing process. We may want to deny any feelings of sadness, but that probably will not help you heal.

Sadness is one way we deal, and a way that our body tells us that there is a problem.

I hope you are not dealing with a crisis or loss. I hope you’re not sad. But if you are sad, some studies have found some benefits to being sad or even depressed.

Here are a few glass-is-half-full observations on being sad:
Sad people process information more deeply.
They can be more accurate at complex tasks.
They make better judgments on detail-oriented information.

But does that make you feel any better about your sadness?

Sadness can allow you to step outside of your life and see the bigger picture. But happiness is good too.

I guess I am just having a bad night and looking for reasons to make it seem better. But sadness can be a symptom of serious depressive illnesses and if you are in that place, seek help.