I suspect the closest I will ever get in my lifetime to time traveling will be moving into the future one second at a time.

Stephen Hawking, along with many other scientists including Albert Einstein, had pondered the possibilities of traveling back or forward in time.

In 2009, Hawking decided to host a cocktail party for anyone who had time traveled from the future. He put the party invitation in his TV series Into the Universe With Stephen Hawking.

I guess Stephen assumed that an invitation from such a famous scientist – the one who wrote A Brief History of Time – would be very appealing to those from the future visiting us.

Many people have asked that if at some point in the future a way to travel back in time is discovered, why haven’t we met any time travelers? That assumes that if someone did travel back to our present that they would want to be known. It could be dangerous to be revealed as a time traveler. Plus, hasn’t every time travel movie and story warned us that travelers to the past have to be very careful not to change anything while they are here?

Was Hawking’s party a hit? No time travelers turned up.

Is the lack of attendance any proof that time travel will never be possible? No. Time travelers, if they ever exist, may have good reasons not to travel back – if traveling back is even possible. And maybe they never saw the TV show and got the invite. Are the people of 2050 still watching reruns of old shows? Is there video or TV? Imagine how many options there are. Stephen’s invite probably got lost in the ether.

And we’re still waiting for the aliens to drop in to our party.