Another Year

at Herby K’s Diner, Cocoa Beach, Florida (Library of Congress collection)

Another year. Actually, twelve years, and more than 416,000 clicking visitors to my Paradelle place online. That comes to about 35,000 per year. Well, not really because there have been highs and lows, but that’s how averages operate. 624 weekends spent here in Paradelle.  1,732 posts. many, many words.

I started this blog on July 30, 2008 because I had things I wanted to write about that didn’t fit with my other blogs about poetry, technology and learning. But I had things I wanted to write about that had nothing to do with poetry, technology or education and learning. So, I started a third blog called Evenings in Paradelle to write about whatever appealed to me in the evening. I tried to write almost every night, but it was overwhelming. They were short essays and had a connecting theme of being little lessons.

That blog is no more. It was repurposed to One-Page Schoolhouse and I write there a few times a month. Weekends in Paradelle is meant to be two or three essays a week(end) that don’t teach a lesson but they do educate or inform and hopefully make you think a bit. I know that writing them makes me think and maybe that’s enough.

Published by

Ken Ronkowitz

A lifelong educator on and off the Internet. Random by design and predictably irrational. It's turtles all the way down. Dolce far niente.

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