Pandemic Productivity

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Empty Daily Activities Board by Greg Montani

Just a quick note about my pandemic productivity – or lack thereof.

I’m feeling a little guilty lately because in these pandemic times when we are semi-trapped at home, I have more “free time” than ever before – and I am being less productive.

I love to read. I have time to read. I’m not reading. I do read every day, but it’s articles online mostly. I have “read” a few audiobooks while working in the garden. I started a few books and ended up skimming or giving up on them.

I had a long talk with a friend about the pros and cons of to-do lists. I’m still making the lists, but I’m not checking off many items. Those lists can be a reminder of things not done. Sort of depressing.

One of my sons says his team has been more productive than ever working from home. As a member of the unretirement workforce (yes, that’s a real thing), I do get “work” done, but I definitely don’t feel very productive or more productive.

DIY sales are way up. My wife has been on a sewing and quilting binge of production. People are doing projects around their homes. I fixed a broken sensor in our oven, but the sheetrock job I started in the basement is still waiting for me since March. Cooking and baking supplies, books and TV shows are booming. You all are adding to my guilt.

How are you feeling about your productivity during this pandemic times? Am I the outlier in all this?


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2 thoughts on “Pandemic Productivity”

  1. Outlier? Hardly. I’m feeling pretty much all of the same things. Plenty of time, and not much inclination to do anything with it. Lots of to-do lists. A book I’ve been reading—and liking—for more than a month that I can’t seem to finish. Trying to write or to do artwork but feeling the utter uselessness of either. Lack of productivity, with an overlay of guilt about lack of productivity. Ugh.


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