Weekends in Paradelle 2021

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It’s time for me to review the year here in Paradelle. I’m always curious to see which posts received the most attention during the year. I like it when new posts get a lot of reads, but usually, older posts have the biggest numbers overall.

For example, a tiny little post called “What Happiness Looks Like” was at the top of the list almost all year.  View it  Maybe it’s the title that invites the possibility of knowing what happiness really is that grabs people.

I have a little widget on the site (it’s less obvious on mobile devices) that tells you which posts have the most visits today. I think that people reading that list are likely to click on a title. It’s like getting a book because it is a bestseller. There must be something to it if it is that popular, right? Popularity breeds popularity.

That might explain why a post about a little food joint that used to be in New Jersey continues to attract readers. “Greasy Tony’s Reborn In The Desert”  (View)  can’t be popular because so many people went in there for a sandwich.

The Moon is a topic of interest to me and to my readers. Top posts this year included:
“Moon Myths: The Dark Moon”
and some of the monthly Full Moon posts such as:
“The Bone Moon of February”  View,
“The Hare Moon”   View,
“Native Americans and the Blue Moon” View,
“The Hunter’s Moon of October”   View

Also popular were some of the posts about holidays and calendar and astronomical observations, such as “Ceremonies for Candlemas” Eve View and “Time for the Clock and the Sundial to Sync”   View

I think my own favorite posts are ones that are standalone and probably don’t fall into any specific category (though I do put every post into at least one category!)  A few of the top ones in 2021 were:
“Follow the River”
“The Hundred Acre Wood”   View
“The Girl in Blue” View
“Mindfulness” View
A Persian Flaw View
“The Inelasticity of Staying Connected” View
“Going Backwards Uphill” View

Many of my posts are perennial.  It’s the time of the year when posts like “Here we come a wassailing” and “Make a Viking Toast for the Winter Solstice” get found in searches as people look for holiday and end-of-year information.

I thought at the start of the year that the counter for this blog might click over 500,000 visits in 2021 but we’re still a ways off. So, keep click and reading, and leave a comment once in a while. It’s nice to hear from all you virtual readers.

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