A January Morning with Venus

moon Venus
  Image by Hans Braxmeier from Pixabay

On this first day of the new year, I look at the morning sky searching for Venus and the crescent Moon.

To start the year, I went out and looked at the morning January sky. I often look at the night sky, but for a new year, it seemed more appropriate to look at the morning sky.

Around January 11, 2022, bright planet Venus will begin to emerge from the glow of dawn about 30 minutes before sunrise. It will begin appearing above the east-southeastern horizon before morning twilight starting around mid-month.

There is nothing extraordinary about this. Everything about this is extraordinary.

Everything is moving. We forget because the movement is not always evident to us. Venus always becomes the low morning “star.”

On January 1, Venus rises nearly 90 minutes before sunrise. In 45 minutes it will be about 6° in altitude in the southeast. It is over 12° to the lower left of the star Antares. Of course, like so many things, it depends on where you are on this new day of the new year. You need a clear view of the natural horizon in order to see the planet.

Venus is the second planet closest to the Sun. Earth is the third. Did you know that this makes it impossible for us to see Venus in the middle of the night?

Venus never ventures very far from the Sun during its orbit, and so it can only be seen at dusk or dawn. Somewhere out there, someone is looking at Earth and wondering.

Venus is moving. I am moving. Everything is moving.

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