Cabin Fever Dream

Readers of this blog will know that I have a long time longing to own a cabin in the woods. That longing probably started when I was a teen and read Walden and imagined myself a Thoreau in my little cabin in the woods writing something great.

Over the years I have written here about cabins in different forms – building a cabin, living in one (or in a tiny house or even a treehouse) or just living in a much simpler way. I also recognize that you shouldn’t need a cabin on some mountain to be a writer – but I stillthink it might help.

So, I had to read n article that I came across titled “I Moved to a Remote Cabin to Write, and I Hate It.

It is a cautionary tale for all of us cabin dreamers. I especially get my cabin dreams in spring and autumn. Though a snug cabin with a fireplace surrounded by snow seems Romantic, it’s not my dream.

From the article, Blair clearly was feeling some cabin fever. That term describes a state of mind that can develop when a person is confined to their home (cabin or not) because of the weather or whatever and unable to have social interaction.

She writes “I haven’t written anything. I’m bored with the little trail by my house, and the only wildlife I’ve watched are geese. I don’t know anybody here. My plan was to be self-sufficient, a one-person retreat, but I didn’t plan on the kind of loneliness that would make me want to text my ex.”

Cabin fever involves feelings of restlessness, irritability, or loneliness. None of those things are what I associate with my dream cabin in the woods. Maybe I should just keep writing from the deck by the garden and the couch.

Photo: Johannes Plenio

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