Wind Chill in Summer

Enjoying the summer wind chill – Photo: Pexels

The temperatures are climbing in Paradelle, as expected in summer. In winter, the weather report will tell us about how the wind chill affects temperatures. It is a pessimistic look at the weather. When it is 35 degrees (Fahrenheit here), a 10 mph wind makes it feel like 27. If it was already 30 degrees and the wind was at 20 mph it feels like 17 degrees. Brrrrr!

But I never hear about the wind chill in summer when we really could use some optimism. Wouldn’t t be nice on a 90-degree day to know that the 20 mph wind is making it feel like only 84 degrees? (My calculation here is pure guessing. Maybe someone out there can figure it out.)

You know that sitting in front of or below a fan on a hot makes it feel cooler. And a nice breeze on a hot day is comforting.

Can we start a movement to get meteorologists to add summer wind chill to their forecasts?

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