Mid-Week Moments

Last week, somehow, a post that I had drafted long ago “published itself” on the site. Some trick of technology. Or maybe a sign. Get this post finished.

The post is a shorter one than most here. It’s the kind of post that I sometimes use on a Friday night as the weekend is getting into gear. I had created another category here long ago called “Evening Thoughts” which I use when something hits me to write on a weekday. I suppose there is some crossover but the midweek posts will be intentionally on Wednesdays. Not every week, but the first will appear tonight and it’s that post that appeared very briefly online though unfinished and was caught and reported to me by my faithful reader and friend, Leon.

I also occasionally reread an old post and find errors or I have changed my mind about the topic. If I do a rewrite, I’ll make those into Mid-Week Moments. If you’re a new reader of Weekends in Paradelle, they will be new posts. If you’re one of the old faithful, you might recognize some and the really sharp readers will see the changes.

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A lifelong educator on and off the Internet. Random by design and predictably irrational. It's turtles all the way down. Dolce far niente.

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