The Travel Moon of October

If the October Full Moon is closer to the equinox than the September Full Moon, we would call tonight’s Full Moon the Harvest Moon. This year it is not and so it is most often called the Hunter’s Moon. The name is sometimes said to have come from the idea that the bright moonlight made it easier for night hunting. But it’s no easier than other moonlit nights. The name comes from the chilling weather being the time for Indian tribes to hunt in order to prepare for winter. Hunting seasons for deer, turkey and other game still occur in the fall. Two other names for October’s Full Moon also come from hunting. The Blood Moon and Sanguine Moon both refer to the reddish color of blood and are more of a hunting reference than the idea that the Moon appears to be red. (It does appear larger and sometimes red/orange when it first rises.)

Other names include the Dying Grass Moon and Drying Rice Moon, Falling Leaves Moon, Freezing Moon, and Ice Moon. All of those are dependent on your geography. Two other names are the Travel Moon and Migrating Moon. The latter name refers to birds and some animals that might love to warmer areas or even those that move to winter homes. So too did some tribes travel to winter camps.

Modern-day humans also travel to warmer climes around this time and some migrating “snowbirds” who live near Paradelle in the northeast travel south for the winter. too.

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